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TradingExpert Pro now available with Interactive Data Corp (IDC) intraday and end of day data
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Market Data Supplied by Interactive Data Corporation.

AIQ Data Power Packs
Now available to AIQ clients on a monthly subscription basis

  • Monthly IPO lists
  • Stock Sector & Dividend Lists
  • ETF Sector & Specialty Lists
  • FATI Sector Lists & Fundamental Data

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    Monthly IPO lists
    Stock Sector & Dividend Lists

    Keep your database up to date with the latest listing of stock and ETF IPO's from the previous month.

    For one low fee each month you'll get

    • New Stock IPOs
    • New ETF IPOs

    A unique monthly service providing you with the AIQ group/sector list files and ticker files for 4 segments of the market.

    PLUS we'll also include 2 quality dividend lists. All the lists and accompanying files are updated each month.

    ETF Sector & Specialty Lists

    FATI Sector Lists & Fundamental Data

    A selection of segmented list gems in this monthly service. Sector ETF component stocks list, a list of REITs, a list of leading 30 large-cap equities in which a select group of U.S. billionaires have allocated the most assets.

    A list has 100 of the top publicly-traded companies based on positive sentiment on insiders, a list of select group of publicly traded master limited partnerships nd finally we'll also include the 3,2,1 x Leveraged and Inverse ETF's sorted by market cap and sector

    The Ultimate Data Analysis Package monthly service. Find the stocks the professionals are watching and avoid those illiquid stocks with wide bid/ask spreads.

    Quality and Opportunity is right here. Stocks fitting defined criteria are arranged into the FATI® Sector and Group Structure. PLUS, Fundamental Data - 60 fundamental data fields covering 4400 stocks for use in AIQ Charts, Fundamental module and Expert Design Studio

    Traders World Review

    "....The charting function of the trading software is excellent. It is no wonder that Dan Zanger likes it. It combines stunning graphics with an easy to use interface. It displays an on-chart indicator library with a Color Barometer to give you an instant indication of the status of each chart..."
    Larry Jacobs, Editor Tradersworld magazine

    Stock Trading Software Reviews

    "....The system is very cheap at around $80 per month with so many amazing features. The user interface is very professional and one can find relatives of a stock in the group and sector tree easily and create baskets of symbols and run studies on those baskets... " 

    Stocks & Commodities Magazine Review

    "....the screening language is far less difficult than the programming language used with many other technical analysis software programs..."
    David Penn, Staff Writer at stocks & commodities magazine

    Money Management Made Easy Review

    "....They offer a free trial so you can test drive the program and see if it’s right for you. But be aware this one is for serious traders who know a little something about the market. It’s the most expensive of the three listed here but its features are incredible. ..."


    Six Secrets To Successful Trading

    No one ever succeeding at trading without understanding the psychological traits required to trade the stock and options market.

    Our Six Secrets To Successful Trading reveals some of the traits all traders require.


    Options Expiration Friday Service
    monthly or one-time
    collaborative environment

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    The Professor's One Minute Guide: The Basics How to analyze stocks in a minute
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    The Rifle Trade
    The 2 time frames key to this devastating system
    with Hank Swiencinski

    Trading the Turns
    How do you know that you’re not catching a falling knife?
    with Hank Swiencinski

    Going to the Candy Store
    Fed Day Pay Day - how to cash in on fed day
    with Hank Swiencinski

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