TradingExpert Pro 6.0 Enhancements

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Welcome to the TradingExpert Pro 6.0 upgrade feature list. Click on any links below to download or view full documentation for the relevant feature. Requires Adobe Acrobat available for free download at here to download a self-extracting exe file containing all 20 documentation pdf files @ 1.6MB

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1. Color Studies. This function is used for studying the effectiveness of EDS rules by visually indicating on a chart those days when an EDS rule fires (i.e., rule criteria is satisfied). You select the EDS rule, a color, and a chart component. Then on those days when the rule fires, your selected chart component will appear in your selected color.

2. Fibonacci Studies. There are four Fibonacci Studies used to analyze chart patterns: Arcs, Fans, Retracements, and Time Zones. The general interpretation of the Fibonacci Studies involves the anticipation of a change in trend as prices near the lines created by the studies.

3. Gann Fans. W. D. Gann (1878-1955) designed several unique techniques for studying price charts. Central to Gann’s techniques is the use of geometric angles in conjunction with time and price. Gann believed that specific geometric patterns and angles had unique characteristics that could be used to predict price action. Gann’s techniques require that charts be drawn with equal time and price intervals, so that a rise/run of one price unit for each time unit (called a 1 x 1 trendline or angle) will equal a 45 degree angle anywhere on the chart. Gann believed that the ideal balance between time and price exists when prices rise or fall at a 45 degree angle relative to the time axis.

4. Regression Lines. Linear regression is a statistical procedure that is used to predict future values from past values. In the case of security prices, it is commonly used to determine quantitatively the underlying trend and to project future prices.



1. New pricing options in backtest. Can now specify a UDF for determing buy/sell prices

2. "Application" fields in backtest. You can access fields for the transaction like {position entry price} during a backtest. See BUILDER for fields.

3. Enhanced backtest summary report. Includes backtest parameters.

4. Improved syntax checking

5. New Functions:


Checks if current ticker has data for the specified number of periods. If sufficient periods with data is found, the function returns the number specified. If the number of periods with data is less than the specified number, it returns the number available.


This function will return the first data date for the current ticker

Special Operator ^

Forces a change in the date that an expression is evaluated. When a ^ occurs before an expression, that expression is evaluated using the ReportDate() rather than the RuleDate().



Ability to import CSV files into the fundamental database. This can also be usefull for importing EDS reports into a fundamental database for ranking purposes. CAUTION: Be carefull about naming fields in the import. Imported names will intefer with names that may already exist in EDS. ex: Importing a field called "Close" will cause incorrect behavior in EDS for the built-in field [close].



1. Specify data preferences for charts.
•    Set the time scale to display on real time charts to local time, GMT, New York time or market time.
•    Specify trading hours to display by market

2. User definable real-time increments.

3. Daily/Weekly bars update in real-time.

4. Alerts If you are a myTrack subscriber, you can elect to have Alerts sent to you via e-mail or to your cell phone or beeper.

5. Color Studies. Ability to color charts based on EDS rules.

6. Individual sounds for each Alert.



RSR now exists for groups and sectors, daily and weekly.


Profit Manager

Gone. Replace by Portfolio Manager


Portfolio Manager

Advanced Money Management Techniques for entering/exiting positions based on EDS rules and standard techniques (stop loss). Ability to create "Strategy" sets for different trading systems. Apply strategies on an Account by Account basis. Portfolio Simulation based on "Strategy". "Pick of the Day" based on "Strategy". With a single push of a button, you can scan for trade candidates based on your "Strategy" and automatically enter them into your AIQ Portfolio account.

1. How to create a new portfolio account
•    Data fields for portfolio account screens
•    Default Strategy screen
•    Broker Profile screen
•    Portfolio Group Index

2. Maintaining your Portfolio Manager database
•    Archiving and/or Purging your database
•    Compacting your database

3. How to enter a new transaction.
•    Creating or editing an exit strategy
•    Editing Transactions; Deleting a transaction
•    Voiding a transaction
•    Edit an existing exit strategy
•    Entering transactions in batches
•    Dividends/Distributions
•    Mergers Spin-offs

4. Viewing account information
•    Portfolio/Ticker - Number of shares, current market value, gain/loss, and other information
•    Stop Loss - Lists current stop levels and recommended actions for all open positions
•    Transaction - Transaction details
•    Journal - Transactions listed as debit/credit entries with a running cash balance
•    Closed - A record of gains and losses for year-end tax reporting
•    Notes - Free form note pad for all information pertaining to the account
•    Graph - Displays a graph of portfolio total value
Customizing data columns on tab pages; Viewing account or ticker statistics

5. Closing a position
•    Allocating shares for positions with multiple entries
•    How to reopen a closed position
•    Editing closed positions
•    Deleting a closed position
•    Year-end information for closed positions

6. Portfolio Simulation and Pick of the Day
•    Creating a simulation strategy
•    An example of creating a simulation strategy
•    Back testing a simulation strategy
•    Using Pick of the Day to find trading candidates

7. Printing and exporting portfolio information


Data Manager

1. Customizing your Master Ticker List. A right-mouse-click menu is available for customizing the Master Ticker List. The menu is divided into two sections. The upper section of this menu provides selections for adding, deleting, and renaming data columns in the Master Ticker List window. The lower section has selections that can be used to specify the sorting order for the Master Ticker List according to your sorting preferences.

2. Enhanced "Tree" display of Group/Sector lists.

3. Find and Create. If an AIQ list contains tickers that are not in your Master Ticker list, you can use this utility to find all missing tickers in the list and to quickly create new Master Ticker List entries for them. Find & Create retrieves the necessary ticker information (Description, Start Date, and Market) from either the AIQ Historical Data CD or from myTrack Online via the internet, then creates data files for those tickers for which information is found.

4. Advanced List Edit. This utility is used to import/export lists and to perform various editing functions on AIQ list files.
•    You can open multiple lists and drag/drop or cut/paste between the lists.
•    You can import CSV list files from Excel.
•    You can export list files to CSV format, which allows you open and work with them in Excel.

5. Advanced Search. This special List function examines the active list and does any of the following:
•    Finds a specific ticker in the list.
•    Creates a list of all tickers that are missing from the Master Ticker List
•    Creates a list of all tickers that are designated inactive..



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