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World class training and education

"AIQ has all the training and education you need. AIQ educational seminars include one-day events across the country and overseas. Our annual seminar at Lake Tahoe is legendary and now in its 19th year. Numerous free seminar events are available during the year. Watch the events section on the home page for a session near you. AIQ also provides a comprehensive tutorial CD with TradingExpert Pro, backed up with some of the best manuals and educational support tools in the business. Add to this our Opening Bell Monthly magazine and a monthly e-mail bulletin and I think you'll agree there's plenty of educational support at AIQ. Don't take our word, listen to some of our users."
Steve Hill, CEO, AIQ Systems

"Powerful product, wonderful conference, marvelous people, ... I will be back and recommend this highly."

"The seminar was great. I was impressed with the quality of the workshop. It has inspired me to delve into my AIQ software and to make even better use of it. I also learned a great deal, discovered new ideas, and found new applications. I liked the fact that the speakers were helpful and available."

"Palmquist was great! A nice combination of good systems and good methodology clearly presented in an engaging manner" "David Vomund. Very knowledgeable, very good speaker, extremely practical advice-a great asset to AIQ!!"


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