Nicholas Williams
Individual Investor
Naples, FL

"Before TradingExpert, my trading was helter-skelter. Now, I work an hour a day and know what to look for. First, I look at the groups with high Delta Trend Scores. Using AIQís MatchMaker, the stocks in my groups are well correlated. The fact that stocks in a group are highly matched is beneficial. Nobody else has that. Nobody. Then, using the lists feature, I can quickly zip through the charts - bang, bang, bang."

"The market timing signals are very, very good. Itís unbelievable how good they are. I also look at the Market Log every day. It tells you whether your groups and sectors are bullish or bearish and to what extent."

"Iíve tried over 20 other programs - I think AIQ really is the best. Itís easy to work with, has group analysis, the Market Log, MatchMaker, reports to help pick winners, multiple indicators on the same screen - you name it. TradingExpert has so many things going for it. Itís fantastic."