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     How to identify signs of exhaustion in an up move
      presenter - Steve Hill
    Signs a move up is over are critical for effective exiting of long positions     and may also indicate possible shorts. Steve discusses - Exhaustion gap,     Rising channel breakdown, Doji candlestick and Volume fades.
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Why you should build your own markets and groups
presenter - Steve Hill
One of the power tools of TradingExpert Pro is the ability to build your own groups and markets. In this 45 minute session Steve Hill, President of AIQ Systems will reveal the advantages of creating your own groups and markets.
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Chart Pattern Recognition and my Favorite Chart Patterns
presenter - Steve Hill
In this hour long event Steve Hill, of AIQ Systems discusses the power of chart pattern recognition in finding trading candidates. Steve will also reveal the most effective chart patterns based on historical research.
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How to test a trading strategy - a systematic approach
presenter - Steve Hill
In this 60 minute session Steve Hill, of AIQ Systems demonstrates the systematic disciplined approach required to test a trading strategies effectiveness. With this metodical approach, any trading strategy can be tested in as close to real-life conditions as possible.
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Relative Strength & Price/Volume Divergence
presenter - Steve Hill
Two different approaches to finding potential trading candidates, first buying into strength using relative strength, second looking for stocks under accumulation but the price action has yet to react.
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Top Down Trading using TradingExpert Pro
presenter - Steve Hill
Top down analysis from market direction to group analysis to stock selection. A straightforward methodology for finding potential movers in the market.
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Trading with indicators - MACD and AIQ Bands
presenter - Steve Hill
In this hour long session, Steve Hill, demonstrate how to use two indicators, the MACD and AIQ Bands to maximize trading opportunities.
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Successful Options Trading Strategy - The Options Hunter
presenter - Dale Wheatley
Dale Wheatley, veteran AIQ client, covers the unique aspects of his MACD divergence strategy using AIQ TradingExpert Pro. Dale uses the group/sectors and AIQ lists extensively in his trading philosophy.
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